Putting your best voice forward

Close your eyes. Now say the words ‘Sue’ and then ‘zoo’ out loud. Do you hear the difference? Do you feel the difference in your mouth?

For people who may have trouble hearing or feeling the difference there is help. Nancy Morgenstern, founder of Speakbest LLC, has been training ears, tongues and mouths to speak more clearly for years. Vision is also key to this type of learning — seeing how a mouth and lips move to form a sound.

Think about it: if an employee, co-worker or boss doesn’t know whether you just said you were going to the zoo or are off to see a customer named Sue, problems could arise. [full article here].

I like this article for several good points it makes:

  1. Rate is very important. The speed of your speech (the “flow”) has a huge impact on how easy or hard it is for others to understand you.
  2. Daily practice between speech sessions is necessary in order to make the best progress.
  3. Awareness of how you speak is the first step toward changing your speech patterns.
  4. The goal of accent modification therapy is not to get rid of an accent; rather, it is to modify it to make the person more easily understood when they speak.

About MsPetersen

I am a certified speech language pathologist specializing in school-age communication disorders.
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