Accent modification services

Currently I am accepting accent modification clients.

A consultation takes 30-45 minutes, and includes an interview to determine your current goals, a brief assessment of your speech patterns, and time for you to ask questions about your own speech and how my services may assist you. The consultation is free!

Accent modification sessions or programs
After an initial consultation, we work together to establish Standard American English intonation and pronunciation in your speech. Social communication, eye contact, voice, and fluency issues may also be addressed, depending on your needs and goals. Sessions are typically weekly, but scheduling is flexible.

Accent evaluation
After several weeks of accent modification sessions, a full accent evaluation is useful to determine more focused goals. This is part of your normal accent modification session, but can also be performed separately.

Payment options
You may decide to take things session by session or pay monthly. We can decide which option best fits your needs during your consultation.

Cash or check accepted; sorry, no cards. Insurance does not cover accent modification therapy, but it qualifies as a business expense for tax purposes. I provide detailed receipts upon request.


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